Questions for a youtube video?


Helloooo everyone . I want to start a youtube video and my first video i want it to be me answering questions. It can be any question or about any subject from eating disorders, depression, other youtubers, my favorite things etc etc. I just REALLY need questions. Help me out? If you want to kik me the questions its @FxckinRayRay or you can message me them on here. Thanks !

Favourite food? :)



Today I was happy to be just a drop in the ocean.

About 40,000 people gathered in Cape Town today to show their disapproval of the Israeli invasion in Gaza. I am sure that there are already numerous amounts of news on the internet about what happened today and they give further details about…

Gift ideas

So its my friends birthday really soon and i have an idea on what to get her but idk.
How does a mug with hotchocolate sachets in it and mini marshmallows sound. ANd bath salts and then i really want to make her a video to say thank you for everything

gift ideas help

Who wants to give me money so i can dye my hair

10 Questions Tag Thingy


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1. If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?